How to Get to Lubbock


Southwest Airlines, Continental Express, Delta Connection, and American Eagle service the small Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (map), 5 miles north of downtown. Air travel to Lubbock will most likely require a connecting flight in Dallas or Houston, as there are few direct flights, although Southwest has nonstop flights to Las Vegas, Albuquerque, El Paso, and Austin, as well as Dallas. Delta has two direct flights per day to Memphis. Cab fare to the Downtown area or Texas Tech is $13 to $18. Fare to the hotels along the south and southwest beltway range from $20 to $25. Royal Coach, (806) 795-3888, offers posted rates from the airport into the city. The fare is based on a zoned map ranging from $6 to $24, depending on your destination.


Lubbock is easily accessible by car. US 62/82, US 84, I-27, US 87 and TX 114 are well-maintained roadways which allow for easy driving in and out of the city. A modern beltway, TX Loop 289, offers a quick shortcut around the city's notoriously absent congestion.


TNM&O is the local Greyhound affiliate and offers connecting lines to all major U.S. cities. Arrivals occur most often in daylight, while a majority of the departures occur at dawn or dusk.